Dry Mouth

11 Remedy For Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is also medically known as xerostomia. This is a serious problem. Which need to be treated immediately upon detection. However, this does not cause your death. But it can endanger your health. This problem occurs when the salivary glands in your mouth do not produce enough saliva. As a result, a lack of saliva can cause a parched, or dry, feeling in your mouth, as well as a dry throat, and cleft lip. In fact, saliva in the food acts as moisture and digestion as well as preventing bacteria and fungi in your mouth. But when there is a lack of saliva, you may face this kind of trouble.

what are the causes of dry mouth?

When it comes to the cause of dry mouth, it is usually when the salivary glands that make up your saliva do not work properly. As a result, the mouth will become dry. However, other than that, there are countless factors that can harm them. Such as

  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Nerve damage
  • Botulism poisons
  • Stress
  • Sniffing or sleeping with your mouth open
  • Side effects of some medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants, and appetite suppressants
  • Cancer therapy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Breathing through your mouth
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Severe infections
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Use of marijuana
  • Some autoimmune disorders, such as Sjogren’s syndrome

Symptoms of dry mouth

If you suffer from dry mouth, you will experience dryness and irritability in the mouth and throat at the first sign of this condition. However, in addition, its symptoms can vary depending on the disease, type, or condition. But you may experience some common symptoms, such as

  • thirst Over and over again
  • Thick saliva
  • Cracked lips
  • Tongue dry, red, and raw
  • Irritation in the mouth or on the tongue
  • Mouth sores or mouth infections
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Changed the sense of taste
  • Dense saliva
  • Tooth decay
  • Bad breath
  • Speech problems

How to Get Rid of Dry Mouth

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should seek immediate treatment without underestimating its side effects. Because it can cause you many kinds of problems. But when it comes to treating dry mouth, you can solve this problem by making some changes in your lifestyle and with the help of simple natural home remedies. These natural remedies are considered to be effective in getting rid of dry mouth.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can undoubtedly cure dry mouth quickly and efficiently. Because its main component is acetic acid. Which Contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Which helps reduce many of the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, apple cider vinegar is considered an effective treatments for dry mouth.

How to apply:

  • Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
  • Drink this mixture several times per day.
  • Do this every day for a few days, you will see significant improvement

2. Increase Fluid Intake

If you have no illness and no medical treatment, dehydration can undoubtedly be a cause of dry mouth. Therefore, you should drink plenty of fluids to treat dehydration. This fluid will not only help keep you hydrated but will also help your mouth produce enough saliva so that you can get rid of a dry mouth quickly.
Therefore, you should drink at least 2 liters of water or 8 glasses of water daily.
In addition, watermelon, pineapple, vegetable juices, and any type of tea such as green tea, peppermint tea, or others should be consumed. Because they make up for the lack of water in the body.
Note – You should avoid caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, or soda.

3. Fennel Seed

Fennel seeds are at the top of the list of home remedies for how cure dry mouth. Because these seeds have the ability to stimulate saliva production and fight bad breath. In addition, fennel seeds are very useful for pregnant women.
To treat dry mouth, boil a handful of fennel seeds with a glass of water. Then take it several times a day.
Alternatively, mix fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds and then roast. Add a little salt to improve the taste and take a tablespoon after a meal.
In addition, you can chew fennel seeds directly during the day.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper offers many benefits, especially for health problems. Its properties not only stimulate the production of saliva but also help to strengthen your taste buds. Therefore, Cayenne pepper has been included in the list of best dry mouth natural remedies.
Take a small amount of cayenne pepper and rub it around the tongue with your fingers. The first time there will be an irritating sensation than your salivary glands will be stimulated.
In addition, you can mix it into your daily diet as a spice.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good answer for those who are wondering how to get rid of a dry mouth. It can save you from any kind of verbal problems. Because it is important to maintain the pH balance of the mouth. In addition, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Which helps keep you away from infections.

How to:

  • Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water.
  • You can also add lime juice and salt to get better results.
  • You need to drink this mixture 2-3 times daily to prevent dry mouth quickly.

6. Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling has long been used as an effective remedy for moisturizing the mouth and help dry mouth. This is because the properties present not only help in relieving the symptoms of dry mouth, but also help in maintaining oral health and getting rid of bad breath. In addition, it helps whiten teeth and strengthen jaws.

  • Use coconut oil or any type of vegetable oil to apply in your mouth in about 10-15 minutes.
  • Take it out and wash it with lukewarm water
  • Do this every day before breakfast and every morning before brushing your teeth
  • Note: Gargle with oil, do not swallow

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7. Fish Oil

The consumption of fish oil is useful treatment for dry mouth. It is known to reduce inflammation because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It increases the production of saliva in your mouth. Which treats dry mouth and its symptoms. Therefore, fish oil is considered to be the most important suggestion to get rid of a dry mouth.
Simply, you need to consume fish oil twice per day.
In addition, you can include omega-3-rich foods such as salmon and tuna in your diet.

8. Ginger

Ginger has many therapeutic benefits. Because it contains a bioactive compound called gingerol. Which helps to stimulate saliva. In addition, it helps to keep your mouth fresh and moisturized for a long time. This is why ginger is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies to relieve dry mouth.

  • Cut fresh ginger into small pieces.
  • Add it to a cup of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Drain the ginger tea and add some honey to taste.
  • Then consume immediately. Do this two or three times a day.
  • Alternatively, you can chew a few pieces of ginger throughout the day.

9. Green Tea

Green tea can cure for dry mouth. Because it has antibacterial properties. Which helps to refresh your breath and stimulate the flow of saliva. In addition, it can prevent stones from forming in your mouth. So, if we forget to mention green tea as the most important home remedy for dry mouth, it would be a mistake.

  • Add some green tea leaves or bags to a cup of warm water.
  • Then Strain the tea and add a little honey to taste.
  • Then consume immediately.
  • Thus, to get the best results, drink hot tea 2-3 times daily for a few days.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular remedy for many health and beauty problems. It is good for symptoms of dry mouth. Because it can trigger salivary glandular activity and increase the production of saliva in your mouth

  • Simply, you need to drink its fresh juice daily or you can rinse your mouth with it.
  • Also, apply aloe vera gel to your mouth using a cotton ball.
  • After leaving for a few minutes, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
  • Do this 2-3 times daily.

11. Rosemary

Rosemary has a wonderful aroma like fennel seeds besides is also known for its antiseptic and pleasant properties. Which can be beneficial in the treatment of dry mouth and its symptoms. In addition, it helps to protect your mouth from germs very well and brings a fresh feeling to the mouth. So you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

  • Take 1012 leaves of rosemary and boil them in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then after straining the mixture, use it to rinse the mouth.
  • Note- Remember to use only when the mixture has cooled.

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