Home Treatment For Blepharitis

Home Treatment For Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a term. Which is also characterized by inflammation of the eyelids. As a result, it is a condition in which you suffer from swollen eyes and experience itchy sensations. In addition, the main cause of blepharitis is considered to be a bacterial infection. But usually, it can also happen when the oil glands in our eyes are damaged. But when it comes to the symptoms of blepharitis, you may experience eye irritation and sometimes unbearable pain, as well as swelling, redness, and itchy eyelids. In addition, when you are exposed to light, your eyes may become drier and more sensitive. As a result, your vision may be affected. Because it is difficult to see everything clearly. Therefore, it is very important to treat this problem immediately. In fact, in this situation, you have difficulty in choosing a treatment. Therefore, in this article, we recommend using natural home remedies to treat blepharitis. So now let’s take a look at some of the most recommended simple and effective tips to get rid of blepharitis.

Amazing Tips on How to Get Rid of Blepharitis

1.Cold Compress

cold compressed is also a great tip on how to get rid of blepharitis. It helps in speeding up the treatment of blepharitis as well as reducing redness and irritation of the eyes. Therefore, the use of cold compresses is recommended to deal with this eye problem.

  • Take a clean cloth or towel.
  • Then soak it in cold water.
  • When it is completely wet, water should be squeezed out.
  • Now place it over the eyes filled with blepharitis.
  • Do this 3–4 times per day.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the best home remedies for Irritated Eyes. It can help deal with the irritating eye sensation that prevents you from opening your eyes. In fact, it is due to its enzyme and cooling properties. That helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the eye as well as the problem from becoming more serious. Therefore, you should use potatoes to get rid of blepharitis.

  • Take a clean potato and cut it into thin slices.
  • Then place this piece on your swollen eyes.
  • After holding for about 15 minutes, remove the pieces.
  • You should follow this procedure several times per day to get the best results.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is considered a good alternative for treating blepharitis. Because it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps reduce the inflammation of the eye caused by blepharitis.

  • Take tea tree oil and mix it with olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Then dip a cotton ball in the oil.
  • Apply it to the eyes affected by blepharitis.

4. Garlic

Garlic is without a doubt a great helper to treat blepharitis naturally. Because it has antibacterial properties. This is why it has been used for many years to treat skin problems. It is very powerful in cleaning your swollen eyes as well as fighting against bacteria and inflammation.

  • Get some garlic cloves and make sure the cloves are clean.
  • They must be crushed to get the juice.
  • Then apply this juice to the eyes affected by blepharitis.
  • After a few hours, use cold water to wash these areas.
  • The ideal time to apply this method is before you go to bed and you can wash it off the next morning.

5. Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds may be good for blepharitis treatment because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Its powerful properties help in relieving the burning sensation and itching caused by blepharitis.

  • Take two cups of warm water.
  • Add 2 tablespoons coriander seeds
  • The mixture should be boiled for 2-3 minutes or more.
  • Then squeeze it and when it cools down, use it to rinse your eyes
  • Thus, the method should be followed twice a day until the condition improves.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can help reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by blepharitis. Because it has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. That makes aloe vera excellent home remedy for the treatment of blepharitis.

  • Take fresh aloe vera gel from aloe vera leaves and keep it in the fridge for several hours.
  • Then rub this cooling gel on the eyes affected by blepharitis several times daily.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its fresh smell as well as its richness of nutrients. Therefore, it can be one of the natural home remedies for blepharitis. In fact, coconut oil has some powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties as well as anti-microbial properties. That helps fight bacteria. However, in addition to this, they help to avoid the painful feeling and swollen eyes caused by blepharitis.

  • Take coconut oil and dip a cotton ball in it.
  • Then apply it on your eyelids for about 20 minutes.
  • Thus, coconut oil should be used 3-4 times daily to get rid of blepharitis.

8. Castor Oil

like coconut oil or tea tree oil, Castor Oil works wonders in treating blepharitis. Because it also has powerful qualities. This is why it helps reduce the pain and swelling of the eyelids. Therefore, you should use Castor Oil to reduce the severity of the symptoms of blepharitis.

  • Dip a cotton ball in Castor Oil.
  • Then apply it to the eyes affected by blepharitis.
  • Do this for a few days for good results.

9. Salt

Salt is a great way to get rid of blepharitis. Because salt has a powerful ability to prevent inflammation. However, in addition, it also helps to stop the growth of bacteria and reduce irritation.

  • Mix half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water.
  • Then dip a cloth in this mixture.
  • After squeezing the cloth to remove excess water, apply it to the area affected by blepharitis.
  • Do this for a few days.

10. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is the best home remedy for cure blepharitis. It can help get rid of blepharitis as well as reduce the redness of the eyes. In fact, it is because of the excellent antibacterial properties of chamomile. This is why it is recommended to use it to deal with eye problems.
Therefore, take chamomile cold tea to treat blepharitis and use it to wash your eyes regularly.

11. Honey

Honey can help kill dead cells and bacteria on the eyelids. Because honey is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action. Which are beneficial in improving the symptoms associated with blepharitis.
Therefore, it is recommended to apply a few drops of raw honey on the eyelids to get rid of blepharitis naturally but effectively.

12. Comfrey

Comfrey is a shrub that grows in North America, Asia, and Europe. Which you can use to get rid of blepharitis quickly. It can help reduce the pain and itching caused by blepharitis. As a result, comfrey can help relieve the annoying symptoms of blepharitis.
To treat blepharitis, mix comfrey with water and use this mixture to wash your eyes.

13. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best ingredients for treating blepharitis. Because turmeric has an amazing effect in treating your eye infections. In fact, it is because of its antibacterial properties. In addition to their ability to kill bacteria, they also provide moisture to the eyes. Thus, turmeric is a common home remedy for blepharitis. Therefore, it is recommended to use turmeric powder mixed with raw honey to deal with eye problems.

14. Goldenseal

According to scientific evidence, Goldenseal is the best way to get rid of blepharitis. Because you may be surprised to learn that Goldenseal contains two very powerful compounds, Berberine and Hydresine. Which are helpful in eliminating bacteria or viruses. In addition, it is also found in large quantities in the disinfectant are found in goldenseal as well. Which stimulates your immune system. Therefore, you should consider its use in the treatment of blepharitis. To benefit from Goldenseal, you can take it in capsule or tea form.

15. Mullin

Mullin is a common herb, which you may have heard of. It is often used to eliminate bacterial inflammation in the eyelids. This is especially helpful in relieving painful feelings due to its powerful properties. In addition, it promotes cell synthesis. Therefore, Malin is linked to the list of home remedies for treating blepharitis. You can find its extract, capsules, or herbal tea.

16. Calendula

Calendula is an attractive flower as well as one of the many traditional herbs to combat blepharitis and its annoying symptoms. Because it has those qualities. Which not only helps prevent bacterial infections but also helps reduce eye inflammation and pain. Therefore, calendula is another way to treat blepharitis. Simply, you need to use this cold tea to wash your eyelids several times a day.

17. Marigold

Marigold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce the swelling and pain caused by blepharitis. Therefore, a Marigold is considered one of the top tips to get rid of blepharitis.
To benefit from this, mix marigolds with water and then use it daily to wash your eyes.

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